From very early on in my internet blog surfing activities I found this site, Creativity Portal, by Chris Dunmire. I found that I was referring back to this site on a regular basis, finding inspiration not only from the bright, interesting webpages but also from the variety of content. With pages to chose from such as Creativity and Innovation, Arts & Crafts, Writing, Kids at Heart, and more, I felt like I was in creativity heaven!
How wonderful to find a site that identifies the need for creative development! One that offers inspiration and support for those embarking or travelling along on their creative journey!
It was about a year ago that I started looking at Chris’ site (and others that I will mention later on). After a while I stopped looking. Why? Maybe I wasn’t creative, definately not an artist

Wow! My blog text just changed colour!!! Huh?!??

Now I am distracted..

Where was I??

Oh yeah, now that I am much more secure with my identity as a creative person, dare I say “artist”, I have gone back to these Creativity sites and find much meaning in their words and content.

What can I say, but, bring it on!

Tsk tsk…..must figure out this text colour thing (muttering to self)

One Response to “Creativity”

  1. Chris Says:

    I’m happy to hear that you’ve found inspiration in the Creativity Portal and have grown more secure with your identity as a creative person! The more you are, the more you become.

    Creatively yours,


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