Pink Confetti Scarf

Living in the subtropics I sometimes forget that we get winter. It is usually a fairly mild type of winter – lots of sunny days, daytime temps in the 20s. Our houses are more often built for cooling, more than warming, so when the temperature does go down boy do we notice it!! So where is this leading to? Well, I am not that much of a knitter but I do get the knitting needles out during the autumn months in preparation for winter. I tend to avoid knitting with wool. I can’t wear it as it makes me itch, and there’s not much call for wool in the subtropics!


I love this pink scarf. I think it should be called “Pink Confetti”. My daughter started knitting this scarf and eventually passed it on to me to finish it, when she saw I was starting a knitting jag for 2008….



This scarf rolls on to itself and forms a tube of glorious fluffy pink! It has touches of golden yellow and mauve. Lovely and long, it could be worn casually looped over the shoulders or in the stylish front knot