Making jewelry and watching the Olympics

I settled down to watch the 2008 Olympics opening ceremony after a busy Friday. We are fortunate here because the time difference is only two hours (Beijing is 2hrs behind). Of course I thought I really should do something while I am just sitting here as I knew the ceremony was planned to go for over three hours.

Luckily my coffee table was partially covered in jewelry making components from my last jewelry making efforts. I thought that there could be lengthy speeches and displays so I thought I could be well occupied.

To my delight there weren’t any long speeches and the events were simply stunning. I enjoyed watching the modern dancers make the picture with their dancing.

I think I watched the first one and a half hours then I piked and headed off for some sleep. I knew there would be plenty of coverage of the opening ceremony through the remainder of the Olympics.

I will be adding my finished pieces to my Etsy shop shortly