Good intentions


The title of this post is …..”Good Intentions”

I had them, for this blog, good intentions I mean, yet I note that my last post was done ages ago.

I forgive myself for not posting for so long as I remember the blur of school holidays, and other family commitments which have distracted me from you, dear blog.

Yet, I am back to it but probably not for long…

My baby girl is leaving the nest and heading off to the US in mid November

I am helping organise & attending a conference which is near the end of November.

I am attending an interstate family wedding at the end of November. This one involves much organising of clothes for young & old and guess what? I haven’t organised myself yet. I can see that that one will happen for me at the last minute…sigh…

Then it’s just a quiet downhill run to Christmas. yay..

Anyhoo…I shall talk about some things I have achieved over the past weeks 🙂

I made this pretty hair comb with my fav spotty aqua fabric

I have relisted this cutie below on my fav Aussie auction/sales site –

Check out my Flickr file in the left sidebar for more pics!



I also finished this blouse pattern from Vogue (7281)

I am so happy with the fit….absolutely perfect first go!

(except I need to shorten the pattern by 2.5cm)

I made the short sleeved top.

Love it!!




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