BrisStyle 1st Anniversary

On Sunday I attended the first anniversary celebration of BrisStyle.

BrisStyle is an online group whose members all sell their handmade goodies on Etsy.

At least 30 members were there (out of a 60 member group).

We had an awesome meetup at Melange Cafe at our beautiful Roma Street Parklands.

Yummy food and great crafty company!

We had a pressie swap and I got this lovely item from Therese of Little  Mary Moo

BrisStyle Little Mary Moo

How good is this??          Thanks Therese!

PS. I have just added her blog to my sidebar:

Little Mary Moos Place

3 Responses to “BrisStyle 1st Anniversary”

  1. Robyn Says:

    We had such a wonderful time, didn’t we? I love your swap gift!

  2. Christine - Little Diva Says:

    Great swap gift you received !!

  3. Little Mary Moo Says:

    Thank you for the lovely shout out! I had such a lovely time. Catherine’s idea for a gift swap was great and such a nice touch to the day. I hope you enjoy you purse.

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