Crochet Motifs

The weather here has turned a little bit cooler which has made me think about making some scarfs and jackets or coats.

Usually it is pretty warm here so I get  much taken by surprise  a bit when it does start cooling down!

I love crochet and I love the idea of using crochet motifs. I was surfing the web just before and noticed this site:

and immediately fell in love with these paisley motifs which the blog author saw in a book.

I would love to make them as I love paisley designs.

Maybe I should try to make some?


Ooh! I just read Patti’s post more carefully and noticed that she offers a free PDF with instructions as to how to make the above mentioned paisley motifs. Must have a go now!


BrisStylers fundraising for the Red Cross Japanese Tsunami Appeal

I just noticed there are two lovely BrisStyle members (Voodoo Rabbit and Whizzbangle) who are offering their goodies to raise much needed funds for the Red Cross (Japanese Tsunami Appeal), and for the Premier’s Flood Appeal (for the flooding which affected our own city in January)

The lovely Cloud and Ky of Voodoo Rabbit are giving away this very beautiful handmade Easter bunny, which comes with eggs as well!

The give away is drawn on  Easter Sunday 24th April.

Pop on over and check out the details!!

The second is from Whizzbangle (don’t you just love the name!).

The lovely Bronwen is donating$1 from the sale of every Easter brooch or bookmark.

Whizz on over to her site to check out the deets!!/albu…

All About April – Birthstone – Part One

The birthstone for April is the Diamond.

The sizzling, lovely beauty of diamonds.

Big ones. Small ones.

Different colored ones.

Popular gemstones in engagement rings.

A symbol of love & commitment.

We all know that diamonds are a girl’s best friend!

What does the name “diamond” mean?

It comes from the Greek word adamas which means invincible, unbreakable, unalterable (depending on which source you read).

With out being too techy here:

On the Moh’s scale diamonds are the hardest of the natural gemstones.

They are 10 on the Moh’s scale of mineral hardness.

This means that diamonds are so hard that the only material that can scratch a diamond – is a diamond!

They are made from carbon.

They are typically classified by the four Cs:





And speaking of carats…

“I never worry about diets.  The only carrots that interest me are the number of carats in a diamond”  ~ Mae West

More to follow about diamonds in Part Two