Something about sequins

I love sequins. I remember seeing dance costumes when I was a child and looking in wonder at the beautiful patterns made by sequins sewn onto fabric.

A couple of years ago I dabbled with sequins, reading through books, practising some of the patterns. Using the sequins, sometimes with tiny seed beads, I made some stunning embellishments.  Well I thought so : )  Using very simple techniques! They were only samples, and sadly, I am not sure if I still have them with me.  Those practice sessions have stayed in the back of my mind and I found recently I just had to go my local craft store and stock up on supplies.

What might have been behind this as well as I recently read an item about the re-make of the movie, The Great Gatsby. I’m not sure where I read it so unfortunately I can’t give credit to the source. The item mentioned the beautiful fashions of the twenties and whether the release of the movie would influence fashions – clothing and accessories created using feathers, sequins, beads and more..

Here are some photos of my first effort.

I have hand stitched the silver sequins with silver-lined Delicas onto black felt (I love sewing on felt!). Each petal has been sewn separately. With the centre I used black felt and for additional detail I sewed white net on the back, with more sequins, of course! I added a little pleat in the net so it wouldn’t sit too flat.

At night the sequins look stunning!


Cute New Bag

Had a hankerin’ to make myself a bag

A cute, frou-frou one

So I made this bag….

Pink n Orange n Blue Bag

I keep getting admiring comments about my cute new bag!

Some things I make never get comments

and some do…

Go figure that one out!

Beading forum

If you are interested in beads, beading or just chatting about beads check out this beading forum

Latest pieces

I finished this piece which I have called Orange Fantasy.
I have included 2 photos here of the same piece. Check out the difference between the two photos – same piece, different lighting! You can buy this bracelet here

Bead Pics

I couldn’t resist posting this picture.

I have called this mix:

Golden PinknPurple Bead Mix

Pink AB 6mm Czech fire polish facetted glass beads

Mauve AB 6mm Czech fire polish facetted glass beads

with a sprinkle of gold Japanese (Toho) glass seed beads.

More beads

These just seem to shimmer and sparkle.

Czech Glass Pearl Beads

Soft Pink Czech Glass Pearl Beads. These are only 4mm size so I have cropped the picture heavily.

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