Saviours of the Lost Arts – Crafts Fair

I was lucky to be part of this wonderful Crafts Fair held in King George Square as part of the Saviours of the Lost Arts programme run by the Brisbane City Council.

Wonderful weather.

Great company of other BrisStyle members

Part of the Brisbane crafter/artisan/artist community.

My stall

Delicious teas and coffees

Cute knits on display

Adorned statue


Another successful BiDM!

What a truly fantastic day I had last Saturday at the BiDM (BrisStyle Indie Designers Market)

Beautiful Brissie weather

Fantastic crowds of enthusiastic shoppers

Awesome organisation by the committee – particularly the wonderful Helen of ruby2gogo

Looking forward to next year’s markets!!!

Photos courtesy of the very friendly Darren of Kish Photography & Design (also partner to our very own Daneve of Chicuff

Reusing CDs

Chatting recently about the number of CDs lying around and ways to recycle or reuse them.

I was asked if I could think of ways to do this, beyond the usual hanging ornaments

or as items to deter birds ion the garden.

The project would have to be  on a low-cost, no-cost basis

– meaning that the labour to do the “recycling” would be free,

but any additional items would need to be donated or somehow “found”.

Hmmm now I love a challenge…at first I couldn’t think of anything apart from the usual ideas above.

Then I did some internet research and came up with a few ideas that appealed to me.

Jewelry – use smaller bits of the CD to create pieces

Drink coasters – use the whole CD between two pieces of fabric

Bowls – use the whole CD which is softened by heat

Mosaics – break up the CD and use to decorate found items

House numbers – using reflective qualities of the CD surface so visitors can see your house number

Clocks – use the whole CD as a feature (the clock mechanism might have to be bought

so even though I love this idea I have put it last!)

Any other ideas?? they would be greatly appreciated!

I just love the idea of making jewelry – stay posted for the creations!!

PS If you reuse CDs please remember to use safety gear

protect your eyes with safety glasses and wear protective gloves.

Work in a well ventilated environment

BrisStyle on TV this weekend!!


Some members of one of my (online) Brisbane-based groups is going to be on tv this weekend.

We all live in the greater Brisbane area and all sell on

Keep your eyes peeled!

The Great South East this coming Sunday (28th) at 5pm!

I think it is on Channel 7.

No – unfortunately I do not appear in this item – but if you can watch you will get to

meet some of the lovely gals who were involved.

Decorated Hair Combs


My camera is out of batteries which means I can’t take any new pics!I thought I would show some projects that I have completed in recent times. These hair combs were from a stage that I went through after I acquired these beautiful flowers.

The flowers and the beads are securely stitched onto the ribbon which is then glued onto the haircomb.

Running a Creative/Crafts Biz?

Are you already running a creative/crafts business. Or maybe, you are thinking of starting one?
Take a look at this site:

The Switchboards was set up in the US by a group of creative women in business who wanted to share information etc.

I sometimes have a look at the forum and find interesting info there.

3" Blocks

Hello and welcome to my blog.

I love working with fabrics/textiles. Where to start? Now that’s the question, when there is such a huge variety of ways in which to work with fabric. I have been a lurker on various forums and boards for about twelve months now and have really enjoyed reading about this fascinating area of quilting. I thought I would start small with 3″ blocks and see how I went with them.