RSS – one way to increase traffic

Hi all!

In this post I will be talking with you about anything related to the business of craft – making, selling, buying supplies, anything internet know what I mean.

My first foray here is about RSS. Well….I know it stands for Really Simple Syndication….

But any more than that I remain confuzzled : ) And what benefit is it to average crafter? order to find out I went over to the ever helpful and informative Etsy forums – Business topics – to see if I could find out.

These forums are sooo informative..I always check there – firstly as I sell on Etsy and find it totally relevant to my shop presence there, and secondly, because I can always find out what I need to know about things in general that I am interested in : )

I found this thread by Timothy Adam Designs, titled, “How to Increase Your Traffic & Sales with Your Etsy Shop RSS Feed

Timothy explains what RSS really is! He then describes in clear details how to add the feed to one’s own Etsy shop

Thirdly – he offers (via his blog, Handmade Spark) 17 free “my Etsy RSS” buttons.

I have skimmed through all 39 pages of this thread (it was 39 when I finished reading) and have started applying some of his wisdom to this blog.

Thanks so much Timothy!

My RSS link is just over at the top of the left sidebar, below Archives..just click there to receive regular updates from my Etsy shop! (ummm..that’s if I’ve done it right!). I’ve also added my RSS feed info to my Etsy shop home page too.

Etsy Storque also has a very informative page about RSS – you can find it here.

Let me know how you go with this – I would love to hear of crafty successes!

ABCD meetup November

Just saw this post about the next ABCD meetup

on Thursday November 19 at the Powerhouse.

Looks like a goer for all creative peoples.

Successful Market BiDM Style!

The BiDM I had a stall at last Saturday was huuuge!

What is BiDM?

BiDM stands for Brisbane Indie Designers Market

Soooo many visitors – it was absolutely unbelievable!

Lots of sales, lots of good stories, beautiful cupcakes, lots of goodies to be had

My thanks to my co-stallholders – the wonderful Eliza of (and Zoe and Gem)

BiDM Sat 4th July 2009

that’s me (Gaynor) on the left and Eliza on the right

Managing time

I have just started reading “Craftboom!” – Lisa Lam’s blog about “Marketing An Art & Craft Business Online”. I came upon Part 2 of her “How I organise myself in my Craft Business” – Time Management. I know I am always thinking about ways to better manage my time, being a busy WAHM myself.

She runs an online business U-Handbag selling all the goodies to make your own handbags. She also has a bag making blog with advice, tutorials and more…. I must check it out!

How do you manage your time? What are your tips, your successes – please feel free to share here with readers, so we may all learn!

By the way! Another very important note about Lisa’s blog. She obviously has a wonderful addiction for yummy donuts. A lady after my own heart!. I hope to read more about donuts with Lisa..

Running a Creative/Crafts Biz?

Are you already running a creative/crafts business. Or maybe, you are thinking of starting one?
Take a look at this site:

The Switchboards was set up in the US by a group of creative women in business who wanted to share information etc.

I sometimes have a look at the forum and find interesting info there.