Crochet Motifs

The weather here has turned a little bit cooler which has made me think about making some scarfs and jackets or coats.

Usually it is pretty warm here so I getĀ  much taken by surpriseĀ  a bit when it does start cooling down!

I love crochet and I love the idea of using crochet motifs. I was surfing the web just before and noticed this site:

and immediately fell in love with these paisley motifs which the blog author saw in a book.

I would love to make them as I love paisley designs.

Maybe I should try to make some?


Ooh! I just read Patti’s post more carefully and noticed that she offers a free PDF with instructions as to how to make the above mentioned paisley motifs. Must have a go now!

Cute New Bag

Had a hankerin’ to make myself a bag

A cute, frou-frou one

So I made this bag….

Pink n Orange n Blue Bag

I keep getting admiring comments about my cute new bag!

Some things I make never get comments

and some do…

Go figure that one out!


I have been spending the morning adding fabric to my website. I have loads of fabric (& beads) but mysteriously….very little is actually listed anywhere for sale.
I have listed these two lovely paisley fabrics from Jasmine’s Palace (Cranston)
..and orange

I have always been a bit of a paisley fan (oh yes, and a dot lover as well!). I was trying to add my dot fabric photos to my site but they came out all funny. So I took them off….and will re-do them. Perhaps I should stand further away when I take the photos??

Any ideas about this would be gratefully appreciated.