BiDE – Brisbane Indie Designers Exhibition

It was a great experience to attend the BiDE (Brisbane Indie Designers Exhibition) and BrisStyle website launch on Friday. There were lots of familiar faces there –  all admiring the wonderful items handcrafted by BrisStyle members display whilst being entertained with great  live music and munching delicious cupcakes.

BiDE launch

Display BiDE

My Lucy Brooch

My Lucy Brooch

My apologies for the quality of the photos – I forgot to use my flash!

Why not check out the BrisStyle website?

The display runs until the end of August and is located on Level 2 of the Brisbane City Council, Brisbane Square library.


Saviours of the Lost Arts – Crafts Fair

I was lucky to be part of this wonderful Crafts Fair held in King George Square as part of the Saviours of the Lost Arts programme run by the Brisbane City Council.

Wonderful weather.

Great company of other BrisStyle members

Part of the Brisbane crafter/artisan/artist community.

My stall

Delicious teas and coffees

Cute knits on display

Adorned statue

RSS – one way to increase traffic

Hi all!

In this post I will be talking with you about anything related to the business of craft – making, selling, buying supplies, anything internet know what I mean.

My first foray here is about RSS. Well….I know it stands for Really Simple Syndication….

But any more than that I remain confuzzled : ) And what benefit is it to average crafter? order to find out I went over to the ever helpful and informative Etsy forums – Business topics – to see if I could find out.

These forums are sooo informative..I always check there – firstly as I sell on Etsy and find it totally relevant to my shop presence there, and secondly, because I can always find out what I need to know about things in general that I am interested in : )

I found this thread by Timothy Adam Designs, titled, “How to Increase Your Traffic & Sales with Your Etsy Shop RSS Feed

Timothy explains what RSS really is! He then describes in clear details how to add the feed to one’s own Etsy shop

Thirdly – he offers (via his blog, Handmade Spark) 17 free “my Etsy RSS” buttons.

I have skimmed through all 39 pages of this thread (it was 39 when I finished reading) and have started applying some of his wisdom to this blog.

Thanks so much Timothy!

My RSS link is just over at the top of the left sidebar, below Archives..just click there to receive regular updates from my Etsy shop! (ummm..that’s if I’ve done it right!). I’ve also added my RSS feed info to my Etsy shop home page too.

Etsy Storque also has a very informative page about RSS – you can find it here.

Let me know how you go with this – I would love to hear of crafty successes!

Saviours of the Lost Arts

If you are in Brisbane over the next couple of weeks try to get along to Saviours of the Lost Arts.

It is a workshops series run by the Brisbane City Council which focuses on arts & crafts for seniors, young & emerging craft workers, and professional artisans.

The seriers features make & takes, craft demonstrations and panel discussions around a variety of issues. Some of our very own BrisStylers (from my BrisStyle group) will be presenting!!

There are day time, night time and weekend activities so there should be something you can get along to….

Another big highlight (which I am really looking forward to) is the Craft Fair in King George Square. It is on Tuesday 1st June from 10-6pm. There will be lots of stalls with crafty people selling their wares, and demonstrating their skills.

The best thing is that everything is free!!

Next BrisStyle Indie Designer Market June 5th

Next market coming up on June 5th.

I am madly sewing, crocheting, labelling….

to get my range of wearables – clothing, jewellery and accessories

ready for the market.

It should be great!

More posts about this to follow!

A great day at the BiMC Market!

Thank you to all those who visited me (& purchased from me!) at the BiMC market yesterday.

I forgot to take my camera so I don’t have any pics for show and tell

but one of the other stallholders did! So when those pics arrive I will add them here asap!

Fantastic autumn weather – Brisbane at this time of the year is fabulous

Great company – shoppers and other friendly BrisStyle members – Kellie Christie, Therese from Little Mary Moo’s Place, and Ali from Alipink

BiMC – Brisbane Indie Mother & Child Market tomorrow!

I will be selling my wares at the fabulous BiMC tomorrow Saturday 8th May!

At St Augustine’s Church Hall, Hamilton Road, Hamilton from 9am ’til 2pm.

I am bringing along all my fav beaded & crocheted jewellery pieces as well as my new line of clothing for children!

Some pics for you to enjoy!!

There will be face painting, fairy floss, good music and more…so come along and join the fun!