My new Squidoo Lens

Hi all
I’ve just been checking out Squidoo and have made myself a lens! I am very excited about this new find (well, new for me). I’ve only done a bit of work on it so far…so it’s a bit boring right now. But it will grow (like topsy) if you have patience, dear reader!
Now what is the reference for the link…oh yes, my ID is “silkaquadots” Hmmm, wonder where I got that from???
The link is
Bye for now….
PS I have been doing lots of making lately so stay tuned to this blog for more exciting posts!!

Back to blogging

Yes, I know it has been a while. I have been taking time out, looking around the blogosphere, deciding my direction. As this is a crafts blog I have been focussed on sewing, fashion, embroidery etc. Then I found out that food can be included in craft, ie, edible crafts! Soooooooo, I have had a wonderful time wandering around all the foodie blogs that exist. Well, not quite all, there are sooooo many. Mainly I dutifully concentrated on the sweet treats in life – cakes, tarts, bikkies.
So at this stage I consider myself to be a crafts blogger which includes food – Yay!!
So, Please stay tuned for posts on food arts & crafts, as well as the usual sewing, fabric, beads related stuff .

Long time since posting

I realise that it’s been quite a while since I’ve posted. Why? Well, there’s been lots of things going on in my neck of the woods but NO posting.
So I will make amends and get this blog back on track!
Just lately I have been researching how to improve my blog template. I made some changes but unfortunately they don’t seem to have all worked properly. I can see different colours in my text in different parts of my blog.
So…in time it will be fixed. Obviously I am not a techie so please be patient with me. It will all be purrrrrfect one day!