Applying for the first BiDM for 2010

The first BiDM for 2010 is coming up fassssst…

BiDM (which stands for Brisbane Indie Designers Market) is the fantastic market organised by my local Etsy team BrisStyle (

I just received the email yesterday with the application details & sent it straight back…..hope I get in!

The first one for the year is on Saturday 6th March….not long to go now. It hardly seems like any time at all since the very successful market we had on Dec 5th last year. Time has flown soooo fast over the holidays. I have been working on some projects over the break but lots of them are still WIPs (works-in-progress) or really just mere ideas in my head!

I will be hope to be creating a mixed range of goodies for the day – vests for children and women, accessories and jewellery. All made by me with a mix of sewing, crochet, applique and more….

I will keep you posted, dear reader, as to how it all goes!


Cute New Bag

Had a hankerin’ to make myself a bag

A cute, frou-frou one

So I made this bag….

Pink n Orange n Blue Bag

I keep getting admiring comments about my cute new bag!

Some things I make never get comments

and some do…

Go figure that one out!

Girl’s dresses, skirts

I have been sewing up a storm

and have been very busy

listing my work in my online shops


you can see some of my work in the flickr pictures in the left sidebar

These pretty little traditional style girl’s dresses

are all made from quality fabrics

which are 100% cotton fabric

they are all cool, easy to wear and easy care

Good intentions


The title of this post is …..”Good Intentions”

I had them, for this blog, good intentions I mean, yet I note that my last post was done ages ago.

I forgive myself for not posting for so long as I remember the blur of school holidays, and other family commitments which have distracted me from you, dear blog.

Yet, I am back to it but probably not for long…

My baby girl is leaving the nest and heading off to the US in mid November

I am helping organise & attending a conference which is near the end of November.

I am attending an interstate family wedding at the end of November. This one involves much organising of clothes for young & old and guess what? I haven’t organised myself yet. I can see that that one will happen for me at the last minute…sigh…

Then it’s just a quiet downhill run to Christmas. yay..

Anyhoo…I shall talk about some things I have achieved over the past weeks 🙂

I made this pretty hair comb with my fav spotty aqua fabric

I have relisted this cutie below on my fav Aussie auction/sales site –

Check out my Flickr file in the left sidebar for more pics!



I also finished this blouse pattern from Vogue (7281)

I am so happy with the fit….absolutely perfect first go!

(except I need to shorten the pattern by 2.5cm)

I made the short sleeved top.

Love it!!




Disco cuff


I had a lot of fun stitching this project.

I have seen cuffs made by other sewers so I thought I’d try one of my own.

I have been fiddling with this “dance” fabric lately

and having lots of fun with it.

This cuff was a practice one. It doesn’t even fit me : (

No worries…I’ll find someone who fits it, who can try it on to show me.


Hmmmm……….. what else have I been doing?


Making  hair clips / accessories

Here’s a pic of one below – the rest I’ll put in my Flickr photos in the sidebar.

Planning ahead for Christmas

I have always been totally disorganised when it comes to Christmas. It comes every year and yet it is always the last minute rush to buy gifts, send cards and so on.

I found this fabric panel on one of my favourite fabric buying websites and knew I had to have it for this year. It is an Advent panel and has a cute cat theme. I have always bought the cardboard calendars from the shops with the cheap chocolates in them and yet I always thought I could do better.

This panel has 25 cute pockets of course which I cut off the panel before I took this photo. I thought I would show the development of this project in this blog.I have bought more of these panels so if you can’t resist having one then check my website:

or my auction site:

New 3" Block Project

My new # block project.