New 3" Block Project

My new # block project.


Finished project!

I am pleased to announce the completion of my first project.
The 3″ blocks I have been working on (9 in total) are finished and have been stitched together.
I thought this would make a great cushion cover.
I decided that my embroidery wasn’t really up to scratch so I just embellished with beads and other bits and pieces. I really like using the Japanese glass seed beads – gorgeous colours, they have a large hole, and beautiful quality.


My third block! I did this one with the daisies again and I used hex cut Japanese glass seed beads. The hole in the beads was big enough for my thick needle to pass through. I also added some white/silver rattail – it’s one of my favourites.

Block #2

This is my second block. I chose blue ribbon rosebuds (which worked in with the colour theme) and silver lined glass seed beads.
I’m really glad I started my crazy quilting with 3″ blocks!