Something about sequins

I love sequins. I remember seeing dance costumes when I was a child and looking in wonder at the beautiful patterns made by sequins sewn onto fabric.

A couple of years ago I dabbled with sequins, reading through books, practising some of the patterns. Using the sequins, sometimes with tiny seed beads, I made some stunning embellishments.  Well I thought so : )  Using very simple techniques! They were only samples, and sadly, I am not sure if I still have them with me.  Those practice sessions have stayed in the back of my mind and I found recently I just had to go my local craft store and stock up on supplies.

What might have been behind this as well as I recently read an item about the re-make of the movie, The Great Gatsby. I’m not sure where I read it so unfortunately I can’t give credit to the source. The item mentioned the beautiful fashions of the twenties and whether the release of the movie would influence fashions – clothing and accessories created using feathers, sequins, beads and more..

Here are some photos of my first effort.

I have hand stitched the silver sequins with silver-lined Delicas onto black felt (I love sewing on felt!). Each petal has been sewn separately. With the centre I used black felt and for additional detail I sewed white net on the back, with more sequins, of course! I added a little pleat in the net so it wouldn’t sit too flat.

At night the sequins look stunning!


Pretty wedding bags

I’ve just been working on these bags which I have called

“Pretty Wedding Bags”

(for lack of a better name……)

I bought these bags ages ago..they are so pretty

I am sure they are made from silk

(I even took them in to the staff at Spotlight who thought they were made from silk)

but even if they aren’t – they are still very pretty

I have added a little embellishment with ribbon flowers and gold yarn

The lace overlay already has tiny little pearl beads and little sequins around the bottom edge.

I will be posting them for sale on

Check out these little pretties!

I saw this type of flower in a magazine I was reading recently and thought I’d try some. The ones in the magazine were made using a different fabric. I used sparkle organza (I just love this name!) to make these. I am sooo happy with how they turned out! They’d be great for hair accessories, weddings or just for embellishing pretty things!


I love Mandalas.
Recently through one of the online groups I am a member of I came across this site:

Yona Couture et Astuces
I have added all the details in the link as the page requires translation from French.

More Decorated Hair Combs

I found some more photos – most of these have sold. I must do some more in my spare…

Embellishing using beads

This is some work that I did a while back – it isn’t finished yet but I did run out of the bugles. So this has slowed me down : )
I didn’t have any particular pattern in mind when I started. For this I have used Teal AB Czech glass seed beads, aqua Czech fire polish beads in the centre of the circles and the gold glass bugles. I was careful to use a seed bead either end of the bugles as they have sharp edges which can cut the sewing thread.