Saviours of the Lost Arts – Crafts Fair

I was lucky to be part of this wonderful Crafts Fair held in King George Square as part of the Saviours of the Lost Arts programme run by the Brisbane City Council.

Wonderful weather.

Great company of other BrisStyle members

Part of the Brisbane crafter/artisan/artist community.

My stall

Delicious teas and coffees

Cute knits on display

Adorned statue


Saviours of the Lost Arts

If you are in Brisbane over the next couple of weeks try to get along to Saviours of the Lost Arts.

It is a workshops series run by the Brisbane City Council which focuses on arts & crafts for seniors, young & emerging craft workers, and professional artisans.

The seriers features make & takes, craft demonstrations and panel discussions around a variety of issues. Some of our very own BrisStylers (from my BrisStyle group) will be presenting!!

There are day time, night time and weekend activities so there should be something you can get along to….

Another big highlight (which I am really looking forward to) is the Craft Fair in King George Square. It is on Tuesday 1st June from 10-6pm. There will be lots of stalls with crafty people selling their wares, and demonstrating their skills.

The best thing is that everything is free!!

Sir Ken Robinson on Creativity

I heart Sir Ken Robinson

there – I have said it!!

I was sooo excited to come upon his talk

“Do schools kill creativity”

This url leads directly to his site

This url leads you his talk on the siteĀ

I don’t have any qualifications in Education – only my experiences in ‘surviving’ the education system…

Doing the subjects at high school that one “should” do to get a good job

and to have the “best” career options – bah!

My mantra…

“follow your passion”

“do what you enjoy”

“do what makes you feel good”

“do what is meaningful to you”

Have a read / listen and let me know what you think?


About Creativity

Whilst not posting about my projects (or anything else for a while) I have been doing lots of surfing on the net. Not a complete waste of my precious time, I tell myself! I have been revisiting sites on Creativity. When I first started my blogging the area of Creativity was always in the back of my mind, but for various reasons I decided not to go there.

Well……to cut a long story short, I found myself looking at some of the old sites I used to visit and enjoy and found myself thinking that I have to have this stuff in my blog.

So from now on dear reader, I will be including snippets from the aforesaid Creativity sites on this blog, and I promise to add their details to my blog.